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What is BankX?

What is BankX?

BankX Is fundamentally changing the legacy banking system by giving you the power to create currency and earn interest.

NOT the central banks.

We call this "Individual Created Digital Currency" (ICDC).

It is the first cryptocurrency stablecoin where:

  • You own the collateral.
  • You create currency.
  • You earn interest.
  • You leverage.
  • You stake for higher yields.

BankX has decentralized every aspect of the banking system where you create any amount of passive income you like.

A Few Terms You Need To Know.

  1. Stablecoin – A stablecoin is a digital currency that is meant to follow the price of another asset.
  2. Minting – Minting is the creation of cryptocurrency on the blockchain.
  3. Peg – The peg is the underlying asset the stablecoin tracks, usually this is 1 USD. BankX pegs its stablecoin, XSD, to the price of 1 gram of silver.
  4. Staking – Staking is locking up your coins in the protocol for a certain amount of time and earning interest, similar to a Certificate of Deposit in the legacy banking system.

BankX Is A Dual-Token System:

  1. The Stablecoin – BankX Silver Dollar (XSD)
  2. The BankX token – Utility token used to mint the stablecoin and stake in the Certificate of Deposit