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What Can You Do With This Newly Minted Currency?

What Can You Do With This Newly Minted Currency?

The Biggest Benefit Of The BankX System Is Minting The XSD Stablecoin As Many Times As Possible. This Gives You Ability To Create Any Passive Income You Like.

A few things about the system before we dive into how to multiply your earnings.

YOU Own It.

  1. You always own the collateral (ETH/BNB & BankX) you used to create XSD. This means you can return your XSD to the BankX system and get back your collateral at ANY time PLUS any interest you’ve accrued.
  2. The system is designed so it is only YOU working with the blockchain. There are no middlemen.
  3. The BankX system does NOT charge any fees inside the ecosystem. You only have to pay gas fees.
  4. No one else knows what you are doing in the system, not even the creators. It is completely private.
  5. It is not a loan. You created the XSD and are earning interest, NOT paying interest, as in other Defi lending platforms.

YOU Earn.

  1. You earn interest on the XSD you created.
  2. You continue to earn interest as long as you leave the XSD in circulation. No minimum or maximum limits.
  3. With XSD, you do what ever you like. It is YOUR currency. You can go buy more crypto, pay for things, whatever you want.
  4. You earn interest in the form of more BankX tokens.
  5. When you are ready to get your collateral (BankX + ETH/BNB), simply swap back the amount in XSD and your collateral + interest is returned.

YOU Leverage

"LOOPING" Liquidation Free!

Looping is the process of taking the XSD you just minted that is earning interest to buy more collateral so that you can mint more XSD.

This is how you multiply your earnings to create any passive income you like.

It is a form of leveraging but with the BankX system YOU NEVER FACE LIQUIDITATION if the price of your collateral to mint XSD should fall.

Once you create XSD, you can now use the system to earn even more earnings, by LOOPING.

This is NOT a loan. You pay NO interest on it. Just the opposite, you EARN.


You combine $70 of ETH + $30 of BankX to create $100 of XSD.

You now have $100 worth of XSD that you are earning interest the entire time the XSD you mint is in circulation.

What can you do with this XSD?

You can take your newly created XSD (earning interest ) and take 1 of 2 routes.

Route 1:

Looping To Multiply Your Earnings.

Use your XSD to buy more BankX + ETH/BNB, then create more XSD. Repeat this cycle as many times as you like.

You earn interest on all the XSD you’ve created.

LOOPING is the most powerful capability within the BankX system because you can create any passive income you like. After you are satisfied with the number of times you have looped, you can take your stablecoin and buy back in to your original crypto position or stake for more earnings.

Route 2.

Use your XSD to buy the BankX utility token and stake in the CD.

Remember! The BankX CD is like a traditional bank CD but designed for MUCH better returns.

To stake, simply go into the BankX dashboard and click the Certificate of Deposit menu selection. It will ask you how much you’d like to stake, and the amount of time you’d like to leave it in. YOU decide.


You Now Have A Basic Understanding Of The BankX System Is, How It Works, And How To Profit!