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What You Can Do?

What You Can Do?

The BankX System Has Many Uses & Ways To Profit.

For Beginners

Create Stablecoin: You create stablecoin & earn interest. (more on this later)

Stake in a BankX CD: You buy the BankX token and stake it in the CD to earn interest.


LOOPING: You can multiply your returns by using the stablecoin you just minted to buy more collateral to mint more stablecoin (which earns even more interest).

Mint XSD --> Buy more crypto --> Mint more XSD --> Earn More Interest.

Do this as many times as you like.

(Mint XSD means “create the stablecoin”.)


Sell To The BankX Liquidity Pools To Earn Rewards: Earn BankX tokens and the XSD stablecoin for selling liquidity to the BankX "Integrated Protocol Owned Liquidity Pools". We will discuss IPOL more later.

Add collateral: When the stablecoin is in a collateral deficit, you earn BankX tokens and the XSD stablecoin for adding collateral to the system. This is a separate asset pool from the liquidity pools which only back the stablecoin.

Arbitrage: Help keep the price of XSD at its peg and earn instant profit. When the price of XSD is above its peg, you can burn the BankX token for XSD. Then sell it for a profit. When the price of XSD is below the peg, burn XSD for the BankX token at the exchange rate XSD should be. This is the equivalent of getting the BankX token at a discount. You can sell the BankX token, use it to mint more stablecoin or stake in the Certificate of Deposit.