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How Do You Create Currency?

How Do You Create Currency?

“Minting” in the bankX system means you create the stablecoin that did not exist before you created it.

You mint the stablecoin by combining the BankX token with ETH or BNB. The BankX system tells you how much BankX and ETH/BNB you need.

When you combine these 2 cryptocurrencies (which back the stablecoin), you create XSD, the stablecoin.


Why Do I Have To Combine Crypto To Create It?

BankX is a partially collateralized and partially algorithmic stablecoin.

This means part of its stability comes from the backing of the cryptocurrency you used to mint XSD, the changing percentage of the amount of ETH/BNB used to mint and from the smart contract software rules that are designed to keep the peg. These software rules are unchangeable on the blockchain.


Step 1. Buy BankX token
Step 2. Have Ethereum or Binance in your wallet.
Step 3. Go to the dashboard and press the ‘mint’ button.

Thats it!

How Much Do I Make By Minting XSD?

XSD will pay a minimum of 5% APY for the entire time the XSD you mint is in circulation. You earn interest in the form of BankX tokens. The percentage APY for minting XSD is 1/2 of the BankX collateral percentage needed to mint XSD or 5%, whichever is higher.

Ex. 70% ETH + 30% BankX = Mint 100% XSD would be a 15% APY for the time this XSD you mint is in circulation.